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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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60.    "Well beloved of women, the king's glances are a terror to his

enemies: when he sets out ior conquering the northern
khisr*, the Andlira rulers who have been fleeing fast, praise
A^aetya ior having stopped the Yindhyas from growing.

61.    Praise 01 Bukka's valour in the field.

62.    Half- verse.    Meaning obscure.

*};;>. Bukka's valour is compared to a wreath of smoke that
brii-gs tears of joy to the eyes of women in heaven and
of sorrow to those of his enemy women.

:"4. The dust raised by Bukka's army makes bees unhappy, as
no place is dust-free and iit for collecting honey.

05.    Praise of Bukka's iVme.

60.    May Bukka and his line praised of poets prosper long.

67.    Praise of Bukka's war- elephants.

T>8.    Praise of his blue parasol.

69-70.   Praise of Bukka's heroism ; dight of Turuskas.

71.    The  Suratrana   eats grass i in token of submission), when

Bukka begins a war.

72.    The confusion in the Turaska army on such  occasions,

73.    Praise of Bukka's fame.

74.    When the army of the Kaksasas in human form (Turuskas)

has been shattered by the warriors of king Bukka, even
tlie 3.ndlmi ruler gladly takes upon his head the lotus-
like feet (of Bukka), the treasure (that saves him) in

75.    Thus did he (Bukka) conquer all the kings of the four

quarters beginning with the Sndhra ruler ; accompanied
by these (conquered kings) and the heaps of treasure
and gems (gathered in war), he (went and) bowed to his

78.    He then held a darbar*   with his relatives,   ministers,
K^atriyas and wise men ; " and then great poets praised
king Bukka saying that he was a reincarnation of Prthii,
or Puru,

•lit, b« occupi«d th« dkormStan&9 ifc« sfat of juttict,